By Ahmad A. Kamal

This publication primarily caters to the wishes of undergraduates and graduates physics scholars within the quarter of classical physics, specifically Classical Mechanics and electrical energy and Electromagnetism. teachers/ Tutors may possibly use it as a source booklet. The contents of the publication are according to the syllabi at the moment utilized in the undergraduate classes in united states, U.K., and different nations. The ebook is split into 15 chapters, each one bankruptcy starting with a short yet sufficient precis and helpful formulation and Line diagrams by means of a number of normal difficulties helpful for assignments and assessments. specified suggestions are supplied on the finish of every bankruptcy.

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18) For perfectly elastic collisions e = 1, for totally inelastic collisions e = 0 and for partially elastic collisions 0 < e < 1.

18 In 2 s after the truck driver applies the brakes, the distance of separation between the truck and the car becomes 1 1 drel = d − at2 = 10 − × 2 × 22 = 6 m 2 2 The velocity of the truck 2 becomes 20 − 2 × 2 = 16 m/s. Thus, at this moment the relative velocity between the car and the truck will be u rel = 20 − 16 = 4 m/s Let the car decelerate at a constant rate of a2 . 19 v BA = v B − v A From Fig. 5 = 10 7 km/h The direction of v BA can be found from the law of sines for Fig. 9◦ Fig. 3 Solutions 21 Fig.

35 let the ladder AB have length L, its weight mg acting at G, the CM of the ladder (middle point). The weight mg produces a clockwise torque τ1 about B: Fig. 35 46 1 Kinematics and Statics τ1 = (mg)(BD) = (mg) L BD BG = mg cos α BG 2 (1) The friction with the ground, which acts toward right produces a counterclockwise torque τ2 : τ2 = (μ mg)AC = μmg AC AB = μmgL sin α AB For limiting equilibrium τ1 = τ2 L cos α = μmgL sin α 2 1 ∴ μ = cot α 2 ∴ mg (2) Chapter 2 Particle Dynamics Abstract Chapter 2 is concerned with motion of blocks on horizontal and inclined planes with and without friction, work, power and energy.

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