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A part of a chain of pocket courses aimed toward permitting the reader to benefit a brand new ability in exactly half-hour, this article offers useul how one can increase enterprise writing from universal grammatical error to letter structure.

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You do not need to use full points, brackets, underlining or other devices. If you have sub-lists, try using (a), (b) or (i), (ii) etc. Brackets are useful here, as lower case letters do not stand out so well when in isolation. Indenting the information, or separating it with a line * Where complete sentences are being used in each unit you should use full stops at the end of each item. 43 30 Minutes to Succeed in Business Writing space are other means of adding clarity. Above all, consistency is important.

It is very easy to write something that sounds fine in your own head, but which is unclear to the reader. We become so used to our own writing style that we often forget other people may have trouble understanding it. There is no simple solution to achieving clear meaning. The best advice is to give your document a ‘fresh’ read. This means either: asking a colleague to read the document for you, or reading it again yourself after a break from writing. A good tip is to read out loud, ensuring that you do not stumble over the construction and that the emphasis is clearly defined by the punctuation.

He or she probably wishes the reader to consider all three words as being of equal importance. Had the phrase ‘turns, trials and tribulations’ been used, the reader may have considered ‘and tribulations’ to be less important. Try saying the two phrases out loud to emphasise this point. In each of three cases the writer has done something out of the ordinary in order to trip up the readers and gain their attention. Remember, you can only start breaking the rules when you are fully in command of the basic skills.

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