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Based on the A1 text, certain orthographic mistakes in T1 have been corrected. The following gives a more detailed account of the principles applied in this edition: a. Deviations from T1 in A1 were recorded as text variants in these cases: – All deviations from T1 in A1, except from minor and obvious scribal errors. – Repeated deviations from T1 in A1 in the introduction of Qurʾānic citations and in eulogies. b. Deviations from T1 in A2, T2 and T3 were recorded as text variants in these cases: – In cases of major deviations such as the omission and addition of text, or the employment of diverging words (nouns, verbs).

21] These are three stages, the first of which is like mother’s milk for the infant. It is for the novice, like sensory knowledge in the process of his instruction. The second resembles his becoming educated and associated with imagination, and the knowledge articulated to him. The third is like the attachment to him of intellect upon the acquisition of which he attains his majority, and he becomes responsible for what he does in respect to his having attained legal maturity which is not subject thereafter to change or alteration.

Qurʾān, 6: 160. . Qurʾān, 33: 45–46. indd 38 29/11/11 3:10 PM Treatise on the Code of Conduct for the Dāʿīs 39 dāʿī. It indicates as well that he who does not comprehend the declaration of God’s absolute Oneness cannot be a dāʿī because, if he associates God with another or describes the Creator with any attribute of created beings, he summons to a creature like it and not to God, the Exalted. ’11 This verse makes it clear that whoever has not the ability to give life to the novice through knowledge and wisdom, is not suitable to be a dāʿī.

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