By Sigurdur Hafthorsson

The examine is an intensive exam of either textual and archaeological resources for the heritage of the dominion of Aram-Damascus.

This nation was once an Aramean kingdom concentrated round Damascus in Syria from ca. 1100 to 732 B.C. The textual resources for the research are inscriptions in Aramaic, Neo-Assyrian inscriptions, and the outdated testomony. In previous reviews, archaeology has been little utilized in tracing this country. This learn provides an summary of excavations and surveys within the sector round Damascus and the Golan.

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244 Baruch Mar237 Biran&Naveh 1995,13. Siran & Naveh 1995, 15. 239 Cryer 1995, 232. 240 He argued that we have to deal with a local Danite dialect and not the common Aramaic of the period. Cryer 1995, 232. ] king. Seeking 1996, 26; 1999, 199. 242 Biran & Naveh 1993, 96. 243 Siran & Naveh 1995, 15-16. This was based on S. A):lituv's suggestion (1993, 246). g. ~ l-tO:J. For references, cf. DNWSI, 522. 244 See lines 3-4. Noll 1998, 17. 238 232 Biran&Naveh 1995,12-13. Biran & Naveh 1995, 12-14. g. Schniedewind 1996; Kitchen 1997, 30-31; Wesselius 1999, 173.

90 placed by another edition, that included the first publication of the second stele as well? 93 The stelae are safely dated to the middle of the eighth century. 294 The inscriptions are a treaty of Bar-Ga)yah, king of KTK with Mati 0 el, son of 'Attar-sumki, king of Arpad. The former is the more powerful partner and the latter seems to be some sort of vassal. Aram-Damascus or its kings are not mentioned anywhere in the inscriptions, but of interest for us is the usage of the name Aram. The inscription identifies the partners of the treaty in line 1 on stele I A: 'The treaty of Bar-Ga)yah, the king of KTK, with Mati 0 el, son of 'Attar-sumki, king [of Arpad].

J 1:li~ tJll 1 (5) ... J n':::J. ::J (6) ' ... and the treaty of the uni[ on of ... ) all of upper Aram and lower and with all those going into the house of the king ... ' Pitard pointed out that [... ::J tJi~ must represent the region of the latter part, Mati 0 el. 297 There has been much discussion about this, due to the 292 Dupont-Sommer & Starcky 1960, 197-351 (plus 29 plates). Fitzmyer (1967, 1) remarked "This publication . . " 293 Dupont-Sommer & Starcky 1956. 294 The more exact datings are subject to debate.

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