By Paul Gordon Schalow

Western students have tended to learn Heian literature throughout the prism of lady adventure, stressing the imbalance of strength in courtship and searching out proof that ladies was hoping to maneuver past the limitations of marriage politics. Paul Schalow’s unique and demanding paintings inherits those matters concerning the transcendence of affection and consists of them right into a new realm of inquiry―the agony of aristocrats and the literary list in their hopes for transcendence via friendship. He strains this ordinary subject matter, which he labels "courtly male friendship," in 5 vital literary works starting from the tenth-century Tale of Ise to the early eleventh-century Tale of Genji.

Whether authored by way of males or girls, the depictions of male friendship addressed during this paintings express the differing views of female and male authors profoundly formed by way of their gender roles within the court docket aristocracy. Schalow’s research clarifies particularly how Heian literature articulates the nobleman’s desire to be recognized and preferred totally by means of one other man.

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Into the long night, you gentlemen have gone first; remaining years—how many left to me? Autumn wind, tears covering my shirt: beneath the Springs, so many of my friends! [C: guren J: kojin] Bo Ju-yi, poem 741 While translated as “friends,” the word Bo Ju-yi uses here is again “men of the past” (C: guren J: kojin), just as in poem 740. In spirit, however, the poem’s sentiment is quite different from that in poems 739 and 740, which addressed specific individuals. Here, the grief is plural, amounting to many losses and compounded heartache because the poet has so many dead companions to mourn.

That the Ise’s representation of male friendship was remembered and the Heichü’s was largely forgotten suggests that aesthetic judgments by later generations favored the Ise’s. It also suggests that the process of canonization erased heterogeneity and produced orthodoxy with regard to representations of 37 2Schal_1-76 9/25/06 5:24 PM Page 38 38 ■ CHAPTER 2 male friendship. This chapter explores the question of the Ise’s preeminence as a canonical text in relation to its depiction of male friendship.

The categories presumably arose from the Heian courtier’s own experience, which he expressed in Chinese verse or in Japanese poems. Several other categories seem to have been extraordinarily productive for the Heian courtier writing Chinese verse, such as topic 19, “Immortals (with Taoists and Hermits appended),” in which the distribution is 3-10-1; topic 24, “Buddhist Matters,” with 3-10-4; topic 27, “Views and Vistas,” with 1-5-1; topic 32, “Princes (with Royal Grandchildren appended),” with 1-6-1; and topic 37, “Wang Zhao-jun,” also with 1-6-1.

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