By Alberto Manguel

Whereas touring in Calgary, Alberto Manguel was once struck through how the unconventional he was once studying (Goethe's Elective Affinities) appeared to replicate the social chaos of the area within which he used to be dwelling. an editorial within the day-by-day paper might all of sudden be illuminated by way of a passage within the novel; an extended mirrored image will be triggered by way of a unmarried be aware. He made up our minds to maintain a list of those moments, rereading a ebook every month, and forming A studying Diary: a quantity of notes, reflections, impressions of shuttle, of pals, of occasions private and non-private, all elicited through his studying. From Don Quixote (August) to The Island of Dr. Moreau (February) to Kim (April), Manguel leads us on a captivating experience in literature and lifestyles, and demonstrates how, for the passionate reader, one is completely inextricable from the opposite.

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