By Peter Stary, Evert I. Schlinger (auth.)

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For the 1st time, a whole model of the autobiography of Xie Bingying (1906-2000) presents a desirable portrayal of a girl scuffling with to unfastened herself from the restrictions of historical chinese language culture amid the dramatic alterations that shook China in the course of the Twenties, '30s, and '40s. Xie's makes an attempt to develop into trained, her struggles to flee from an prepared marriage, and her luck in tricking her approach into army institution exhibit her persevering and unconventional personality and trace on the prominence she was once later to realize as a major determine in China's political tradition.

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USSR - Tajikistan. *Aphis spiraecola PATCH: On Spiraea cantonensis, Taiwan. : SCHLINGER & HALL, I960, on Foeniculum vulgare, California. : On Populus tremula, Poland. ): STARY, I962, on Prunus spinosa and Prunus domestica, Czechoslovakia. , Czechoslovakia. , Czechoslovakia. : STARY, 1962, on Pnmus persica, Czechoslovakia. , Japan. : USSR - Tajikistan. : STARY, I958, I962, on Malus silvestris, Czechoslovakia. ): STARY, 1962, on Sorbus aucuparia, Czechoslovakia. : USSR - Tajikistan. : STARY, 1962, on Malus silvestris, Sorbus torminalis, Crataegus oxyacantha and Pyrus communis.

Plagiator (NEES) F1 of antenna about 6 or 7 times as long as wide, 1/2 longer than F2. F1 brownish-yellow to yellow. Radial abscissa I longer than width of pterostigma (Fig. 157) E. ) lacertosus (HALIDAY) F1 of antenna about 4 times as long as wide, stout, 1/5 to 1/6 longer than Fl. F2 black, brown at base. Radial abscissa I shorter than width of pterostigma (Fig. 158) E. ) campestris STARY 43 SUBGENUS Ephedrus HALIDAY Head transverse, as wide as or wider than thorax. Antennae I I -segmented.

Nat. Pragae 3 :70-2 (~c3', Czechoslovakia, host). MACKAUER, 1961, Entomophaga, II :99 (notes on the type). STARY, 1962, Opusc. entomol. , Czechoslovakia, hosts). Diagnosis: The very long F1, the shape of wing-venation with the long and slender radial cell easily distinguishes this species from its congeners. Description - Female: Head transverse, smooth, shiny, sparsely haired, wider than thorax at tegulae. Temple a little narrower than transverse eyediameter. Gena as wide as 1/3 oflongitudinal eye-diameter.

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