By Robert Gardner

What percentage various organisms are you able to establish in a sq. meter of earth? What occurs to vegetation in the event that they dont have sufficient sun? research the solutions to those questions and extra with the joys ecology and environmental experiments during this booklet. younger scientists will discover interactions of organisms and their environments. Many experiments comprise principles scholars can use for technology festivals.

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Will the seeds sprout in sunlight? If they sprout, how long will the plants continue to grow in darkness? How long will they continue to grow in sunlight? What is different about the plants that are in darkness? 6 What Is the Effect of Artificial Light on Plant Growth? 5 and deprived plants of light, you learned that sunlight does indeed affect plant growth. When leaves cannot get light, photosynthesis cannot take place. But what would happen if plants got extra light? What if, in addition to natural sunlight during the day, they also had artificial light at night?

Again with permission, dig out a cube of soil about 10 cm on a side within your square meter of ground. Examine the soil carefully with a magnifier. What living organisms can you find in the soil? Are there worms? Insects? Snails? Seeds? Is there other evidence of living things? Make a list of all the living organisms you observed or found evidence of in the one-square-meter area. Look closely at your list of living things. Which are producers? Which are consumers? Which are decomposers? Can you identify any primary consumers?

Was the ground where the plants grew dry, damp, or wet? Was the soil sandy, pebbly, or loamy? Were certain animals, such as a distinctive insect, always found near a particular species? It is not necessary to identify and name every different plant species. You can simply make a drawing of each kind you see in each location, or cut a sample of each species you find. But be sure to record where each species was found and what details you notice about the location. After completing your study, try to answer such questions as the following: Were any of the plants found in all the places you examined?

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