By Susan Glass

This publication explains how species have tailored to their setting over the years for you to survive.

summary: This ebook explains how species have tailored to their surroundings through the years so that it will live to tell the tale

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Evergreen trees, on the other hand, have needle-shaped leaves that reduce water loss and help them survive the winter months. The spines on a cactus are actually modified leaves that discourage animals from eating the plant. On some cactuses, these spines may also help it endure dry desert conditions by collecting morning dew. Plant Carnivores Some plants can’t get the nutrients they need from the land, so they have adapted to eat meat (bugs). The Venus flytrap has leaves that snap shut when an insect lands on them.

They may even have stilt or prop roots above the ground to help keep them from blowing over in strong winds. Some plants have one thick root that grows straight down called a taproot. Taproots reach deep into the ground for Turnips water and sometimes store food as well. If you’ve ever pulled a Sugarcane dandelion weed, you might have noticed its long taproot. In tropical rain forests, some plants grow on branches high in the trees. Their roots hang on to the tree branch and absorb water from the moist air.

These teeth fold backward into the mouth to let prey in and then spring back upright to keep the prey from escaping. Anglerfish also have a built-in fishing rod and bait to lure prey in the dark. The rod is a spine Fishing for a Mate attached to the fish’s head. ” Since The bait is a piece of mates are hard to find on the dark ocean floor, the skin dangling from male anglerfish attaches itself to any female he the end of the spine. manages to find. Their bodies grow together, and Millions of luminous the male fish is supported by the female.

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