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The ability to predict gap-fill profiles not only depends on the ability to model the bulk chamber characteristics, but also on the accuracy of the reaction mechanism used to model the deposition chemistry and the sputtering. Computational investigations have revealed that low pressures are required to give uniform deposition of thin films. There are applications in fields such as magnetic storage and media storage, optoelectronics and precision optics, and flexible electronic devices. HDPCVD is used to deposit intermetal and postmetal dielectric film layers on IC wafers.

Each of the circulators being connected at a highest-order port thereof to an associated one of the input ports, at a lowest-order port thereof to an associated one of the output ports, and at each intermediate port thereof to a corresponding intermediate port of another one of the circulators. A plurality of reflectors each of which is adapted to reflect an optical signal, inputted thereto, or to allow the optical signal to pass there through. Each of the reflectors being connected between two intermediate ports of every two of the circulators connected to each other at the two intermediate ports.

The nanocrystals can be made as large molecules and can be prepared as quantum dot solids or incorporated into glasses or polymers. By changing the particle size, the emission range of the quantum dots can be tuned to the meet spectral requirements of a particular application. They can be used in applications such as telecommunications, fibre optics, laser-on-chip technologies, optical data storage, remote sensing and medical diagnostics. Applications  A  n  If amplifier can increase the average power of a laser’s output.

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