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Evaporative Air-Conditioning: Applications for Environmentally Friendly Cooling (World Bank Technical Papers)

'Under the fitting stipulations and purposes, evaporative air-conditioning (EAC) applied sciences grants very good cooling and air flow with minimum strength intake. 'Evaporative air-conditioning applied sciences are getting used more and more in residential and advertisement functions around the world. EAC applied sciences, which depend on water as a coolant instead of on chemical refrigerants, are not pricey to supply and use and feature very important environmental advantages.

Statik der Seilkonstruktionen: Theorie und Zahlenbeispiele (German Edition)

Dieses Buch behandelt die theoretischen Grundlagen der statischen examine von Seilkonstruktionen. Es werden sowohl einzelne Seile als auch ebene und raumli che Seilsysteme betrachtet. Das erste Kapitel vermittelt eine allgemeine Charakteristik und eine Uber sicht uber die Eigenschaften der Seilkonstruktionen.

Rock and Pop Venues: Acoustic and Architectural Design

Renowned tune performs a considerable position in so much people’s lifestyles. The call for and fiscal profit of Rock and dad live shows is huge and nonetheless expanding with the diminished profit on recorded tune. in accordance with the 1st ever medical investigations on recommendable acoustics for amplified tune performed via the writer, this e-book units ahead particular directions for acoustical engineers to optimize the acoustics in present or destiny halls for amplified song.

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5 Humidification 49 Airflow ,v 'i ha hChb~/C gc gb ga , g~ gc' tctb G (a) Negligible change / in enthalpy / / gc gb 9a tctb G (b) Fig. 6 (a) The change of state when air flows through a spray chamber having spray water at a controlled temperature. (b) Adiabatic saturation when the spray water is entirely recirculated and neither cooled nor heated. 6(a) shows that hb is greater than h a. This implies that there is a heat input to the spray water being circulated through the spray chamber. Although it is not recommended 50 The psychrometry o f air conditioning processes it could be easily accomplished by means of, say, a calorifier in the return pipe from the washer tank.

Feed-water is supplied to the chamber to make good that evaporated. 8 shows such a situation. , temperature hw enthalpy Fig. 8 Airflow through a perfectly insulated humidification chamber. A heat balance may be established: Ca(t1 - t2) + Csgl(tl - t2) = (g2 - gl)[(t2 - tw) + hfg] This equation expresses the physical changes that have taken place: (i) g 2 - gl kg of feed-water are sensibly heated from a temperature of tw to a temperature t2. (ii) g2 - g l kg of water are evaporated from the wetted surface within the chamber, at a temperature t 2.

3 Psychrometry for sensible heating and cooling. 8439 m 3 per kg of dry air. 31 kJ per kg of dry air. 2 kJ/kg K is the specific heat capacity of water. 3 by 5 degrees. What is the flow rate of chilled water necessary to effect this cooling if flow and return temperatures of 10~ and 15~ are satisfactory? Answer The initial enthalpy and humid volume are the same as in the first example. 171 g per kg of dry air. 77 kJ per kg of dry air. 2 = 0 . 4 3 3 k g s -~ It is to be noted that, for sensible cooling, the selection of cooler coils and the choice of chilled water flow temperature require some care.

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