By Mohammed El-nawawy, Adel Iskandar

Al-Jazeera, the self sufficient, all-Arab tv information community established in Qatar, emerged as ambassador to the Arab international within the occasions following September eleven, 2001. Arabic for "the island," Al-Jazeera has "scooped" the western media conglomerates repeatedly. With its unique entry to Osama Bin encumbered and contributors of the Taliban, its recognition was once burnished quick via its publicity on CNN. throughout the 2003 warfare in Iraq, Al-Jazeera all over the place, reporting dramatic tales and pictures, whilst it strived to take care of its independence as a world loose press information community. Al-Jazeera sheds gentle at the historical past of the community: the way it operates, the courses it declares, its results on Arab audience, the reactions of the West and Arab states, the results for the way forward for information broadcasting within the heart East, and its fight for a unfastened press and public opinion within the Arab world.

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WHO Is HAMAD BIN KHALIFA AL-THANI? What would make an Arab monarch like Sheikh Hamad introduce democracy and allow freedom of information within his tiny emirate? One can speculate that Hamad's policies stem from his education in Great Britain, where he graduated from the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst in 1971. A MAJOR LEAGUE CHANNEL IN A MINOR LEAGUE COUNTRY 35 With this military background, much of Hamad's political attention has been military- and security-oriented. Under his authority, an old border dispute between Saudi Arabia and Qatar has been revived.

Following the broadcast of bin Laden's video on October 7, Western officials, in an attempt to counter the Al-Qaeda leader's message, spoke to Arabs worldwide using Al-Jazeera. S. initiative, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice and British Prime Minister Tony Blair both sought interviews by Al-Jazeera. In each case, they were given the opportunity to make a case through an impartial medium to a receptive Arab public. As the so-called war on terrorism makes headlines worldwide, the hot story in political and media circles is not only the war on the ground; it is also Al-Jazeera, the first twenty-four-hour allnews network in the Arab world.

Those living in Kuwait for the few months of Iraqi occupation in 1990 huddled around radios to listen to BBC and VOA news reports when the Iraqi media disguised the Iraqi invasion as a supposed Kuwaiti military coup A MAJOR LEAGUE CHANNEL IN A MINOR LEAGUE COUNTRY 41 that overthrew a corrupt Kuwaiti monarchy. For Arabs outside of Kuwait, it wasn't until the Gulf War commenced that they were introduced to the form of TV news coverage provided by CNN. In fact, since Al-Jazeera's inception, many of its officials have repeatedly announced that they hoped to tailor their style after CNN.

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