By Albert Schweitzer (author), Charles R. Joy (editor)

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We must about the life; we must strive together to attain to a theory of the universe affirmative of the world and of life, in which the impulse to action which we experience as a necessary and valuable element of our being may find justification, orientation, clarity and depth, may receive a fresh access of moral strength, and be retempered, and thus become capable of formulating, and of acting on, definite ideals of civilization, inspired by the spirit of true humanitarianism. [Decay, p. 105] What Do Descartes built an I Think?

377] Thought Renews Faith The is appearance of thought in Christianity calculated to justify, for all periods, the confidence that result of the first faith has nothing to fear from thinking, even when the latter disturbs its peace and raises a debate which appears to no good results for the religious life. strongly promise How the faith of the primitive Christian community resisted the thinking of Paul! And yet it was the raising, by the Apostle of the Gentiles, of the belief in Jesus Christ to a reasoned which provided a solution of the problem set to the faith the non-fulfilment Christianity of the next generation by of the eschatological hope.

Someworld Ration- alism alone chose the right place for its digging, and dug systematically, according to plan. If it found only metal of THE SANCTUARY OF THOUGHT was because, with the means at its disposal, could not go deep enough. Impoverished and ruined as we are because we sought as mere adventurers, we must make up our minds to sink another shaft in the ground where rationalism worked, and to go down through all the small value, that it strata to see whether certainly be there. we cannot find the gold which must [Decay, p.

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