By Arthur Robert, Kane Harry

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The idea didn’t appeal to Bob much. Down there in the pitch blackness the flashlight was something nice and solid and bright to hang on to. However, Chang’s idea was sensible, so he passed his flashlight to Pete. As it happened, being rid of the flashlight helped him crawl better, which was good because the leg which had recently had the brace on it was beginning to feel quite tired. The caved-in section was only a hundred yards long, but it seemed as if they would never get through it. Ahead of Bob, Chang at times lay flat on his stomach and pulled himself along.

But we can climb it. ” He started up, finding rocky toeholds. Bob followed him. Pete was behind Bob and gave him a helping hand when necessary. In a couple of minutes they stood on top of the yellow rock. Bob and Pete were startled to see an opening in the cliff. The second yellow rock overhung it, like a roof, and hid it from sight from below. “A cave,” Chang said. “Many years ago a miner found a rich lode inside, so he started tunneling, using the cave as the mouth of his mine. This is where we’re going.

Bob came second, with Pete behind him. 47 | P a g e Bob’s slower mare, obviously disliking all this activity, was kept moving by the nervous mare at her heels. In half an hour they reached the top of the pass, and could see down into the canyon beyond. It looked rugged and narrow and desolate. Chang paused only for a moment, then started Ebony on the down trail. The going was easier on this side, and in half an hour they reined their panting horses in on the rocky floor of the canyon. ” Chang pointed.

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