By Elizabeth Cregan

What's the distinction among mitosis and meiosis? childrens will research the reply via this stimulating ebook that includes wonderful pictures and images, appealing evidence, attractive sidebars, and easy-to-read textual content. the stairs of mitosis and meiosis--including interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase, cytokinesis, and meiosis I and meiosis II--are defined in easy-to-read textual content. The obtainable word list and index make sure that readers have the instruments they should greater comprehend the content material. that includes an enticing lab task, this e-book could have readers captivated and extremely joyful from starting to end!

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Rachelle Cracchiolo begun the corporate with a chum and fellow instructor. either have been desirous to percentage their rules and fervour for schooling with different lecture room leaders. What started as a pastime, promoting lesson plans to neighborhood shops, turned a part-time task after a whole day of training, and at last blossomed into instructor Created fabrics. the tale persisted in 2004 with the release of Shell schooling and the advent assets and lecture room software books designed to help instructor Created fabrics curriculum assets. this day, instructor Created fabrics and Shell schooling are of the main well-known names in academic publishing around the globe.

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58 Chapter hy does water descend in a stream when poured from a teapot instead of coming down like rain? Why are soap bubbles round? Why does water move up a strip of paper towel when you dip just one edge in? The answer to all of these questions is surface tension. Surface tension affects the behavior of all water in the liquid state, whether it is a cupful or an ocean, whether it is trickling or crashing. Blood, sweat, tears—they all exhibit surface tension. 1 How Many Drops of Water Can a Penny Hold on Its Surface?

What are your predictions? You can carry out the following experiment under adult supervision to answer the above two questions. Wear safety goggles during the experiment. You will need a pot of purified water, a source of heat, and a candy thermometer that can be read to above the boiling point of water. Never allow a pot to be boiled dry. Fill the pot about halfway with purified water. Clip the candy thermometer to the inside of the pot so that the tip is immersed in the water but is not touching the pot.

What if a plastic disk about the size of a penny is used? Does the type of plastic make a difference? Obtain data. How do you explain the results? What difference do you think the temperature of the water would make in the number of drops on a penny? Why? Test your hypothesis with cold water and then with hot water. 2 Feeling the Force of Surface Tension Materials ✓ scissors ✓ sheet of paper ✓ cup of water ✓ isopropyl alcohol, at least 90% (available at supermarkets and drugstores) You can feel the force of surface tension for yourself.

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