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Swimming with Hammerhead Sharks

One of many world's specialists on hammerhead sharks, marine biologist Pete Klimley is battling the stereotype of sharks as primitive and cruel killers. in truth, hammerheads express a few remarkably subtle social behaviors, together with their education within the 1000s at underwater seamounts within the Pacific Ocean.

DK Eyewitness Books: Universe

Even if your baby has a unique curiosity in house exploration or the origins of the universe, otherwise you are looking to complement school room curriculum in regards to the universe through making extra assets to be had for your baby outdoors of faculty, Eyewitness: Universe is the right selection for studying extra in regards to the universe.

Nuclear Submarine Disasters (Great Disasters: Reforms and Ramifications)

-- a number of the sleek world's so much devastating mess ups are profiled -- The reforms and enhancements that grew out of those tragedies are defined and installed point of view -- traditionally exact, compelling money owed -- chosen titles include prices from eyewitnesses find out about American submarines that sank within the Nineteen Sixties and the Russian submarine Kursk in 2000.

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14 shows this parameter in decibels against the logarithm of frequency where hre is the low-frequency value of current gain. IT is shown as the point when the curve crosses the 0 dB axis. Also shown is the frequency fa, where the frequency up to this point is referred to as the bandwidth. 14 Current gain vs. frequency 24 fT log f value. Since fT ~ hrefa, then another interpretation of IT is as the gain-bandwidth product where we are considering the short-circuit current gain. 8 Calculation of Output Impedance The Thevenin representation of a circuit, as shown in Fig.

The channel induced is a function of the positive gate-to-source voltage. If a positive charge is placed on the gate then a negative charge consisting of electrons must appear in the p-type silicon, producing an inversion layer which forms a conductGate Drain Source (a) 53 Jorain Gate _j ~ Substrate Source (b) Cs (c) ing channel between drain and source. The size of this channel is a function of the gate charge. In a p-channel device, p-regions are diffused into ann-type silicon substrate. The characteristics and the definition of the terms 'depletion and enhancement modes' are given in the text.

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