By James W. Gould

There's a universal trust that until eventually lately americans have most well-liked isolation to curiosity in distant parts corresponding to Southeast Asia. This thesis could be established by means of studying the heritage of yankee family with a spot at the contrary part of the globe from the us. this type of land is Sumatra. it's one of many greatest islands on this planet. Its I66,789 sq. mile sector exceeds that of the 3rd greatest American country, California, and is greater than Italy. mendacity midway all over the world from the USA, its I050 mile size is sort of divided by way of the equator, which runs throughout it for 285 miles. Sumatra's strategic value is two-fold. first of all, it's the first island stepping stone from the Asiatic mainland into the Australasian archipelago. This used to be validated in I942 while the us stationed planes on Sumatra in an try and stem the japanese develop southward. Secondly, it lies athwart the shortest sea routes from japanese Asia to Europe and the jap usa. Sumatra's southern tip varieties one facet of the Straits of Sunda which guards the entry to the Java, China and Philippine Seas. on the island's northern tip is the doorway to the Straits of Malacca, the shortest sea lane beĀ­ tween the close to and much East. the outlet of the Suez Canal in I869 shifted the shortest direction among the some distance East and the Western international from the Sunda to the Malacca Straits.

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It is claimed that in 1859 already 1,000 gallons of kerosene were sent to Australia, though the first authenticated export from America was in 1861, to Europe. 3 The first American export to Indonesia was shortly after 1 Version quoted by Tarbell, Ida, History of the Standard Oil Company (New York: McGlure, Phillips, 1904), Vol. II, p. 245. 2 Folger, H. , "Petroleum, Its Production and Products," Official Doc. No. , Annual Report of the Secretary of Internal Affairs, 1892 (Harrisburg: State Printer, 1893), Part III, Industrial Statistics, Vol.

3 million pounds came in, valued at over $ 150,000. Prices rose so that by 1900 the same quantity was valued at $ 400,000. 4 million pounds, worth $ 643,000. 1912/3 was the first year in which our imports from Dutch areas exceeded ten million pounds and a million dollars in value. 8 million pounds, worth over two and two-thirds million dollars. 8 million pounds, worth just under three million dollars. 5 million pounds in 1936 and 1939. Postwar production of pepper has not been able to equal half of these huge quantities supplied before the war, and prices have been much higher.

Tin under Control (Food Research Institute, Stanford University, Stan' ford, 1945), p. 245. 52 Knorr, op. , pp. 237-252. S. Dept. S. 1938, Vol. I, pp. 940-961; 1939, Vol. I, pp. 906-947, Vol. II, pp. 247-248, 257-258; 1940, Vol. II, pp. 288-300. 54 Knorr, pp. 179, 181-182; Allen, G. C. and Donnithorne, A. , Western Enterprise in Indonesia and Malaya (New York: Macmillan, 1957), pp. 170-171. 48 49 22 AMERICANS IN SUMATRA Also under Billiton management the great plant poured its first tin on April 2, 1942, using stockpiled Indonesian ore.

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