By Julie Kerr Casper PhD

Even supposing the extinctions of sure species are basic, in no different time within the planet's background has the extinction cost climbed so excessive. reasons of this extinction price comprise destruction of natural world habitat, toxins, overfishing, and poaching. This paintings illustrates those pressing matters, worthy for heart and highschool readers.

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It was estimated that there were billions of them. Because of their sheer numbers, many hunters shot them to sell as food. Other people hunted them just for the sport of it. Unfortunately, because they nested in dense colonies, passenger pigeons were extremely easy to kill in large numbers. So many people were killing them that, by the end of the 1800s, their populations started becoming small. In 1914, the last known passenger pigeon died in the Cincinnati Zoo. 39 40 animals can outcompete the native animals.

In addition, not all parts of animals become Evolution, adaptation, and extinction through time fossilized. It may not be possible to know all the details of what an ancient animal (or plant) looked like because many parts of the anatomy may not become fossils. The chances of a given individual being preserved in the fossil record are very small, although some organisms have a better chance than others because of the composition of their skeletons or where they live. Animals with bones are made up of different parts that can separate after death.

100 million Ants appear. 120–130 million Earliest flowers evolve, and dinosaurs dominate the landscape. 225 million  inosaurs and mammals evolve. Pangaea, the supercontinent, begins to D break apart. 248 million  ver 70% of the land life and 90% of the ocean life go extinct during the O Earth’s largest mass extinction. Ammonites survive. 250 million  he supercontinent called Pangaea forms. ­Conifer-­like forests, reptiles, and T ancestors of mammals are common. 300 million Earthworms appear.

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